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Chegworth Valley is a family-run fruit farm established in the beautiful Kent countryside in 1983. The fruit is hand selected and pressed in small batches, often within hours of picking. The juices are then gently pasteurised to retain the nutritional properties and flavour of the fruit. The range includes a wide selection of single varietal and blended fruit juices, including raspberry, strawberry, wild elderflower, rhubarb & beetroot.

Famous mainly for its apple and pear juices, in recent years the farm has seen rapid expansion to now include an extensive range of top and soft fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs available seasonally.


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  1. 1/2 Dozen large free range eggs
    In stock
  2. Garlic 108
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  3. Apple & Blackberry Juice - 1 Litre bottle
    In stock
  4. Apple & Elderflower Juice - 1 Litre bottle
    In stock
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    1/2 Dozen medium free range eggs
    In stock
  6. Dozen Medium Free Range Eggs
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  7. Orange Juice 1 Litre bottle
    In stock
  8. Apple & Raspberry Juice - 1 Litre bottle
    In stock


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