Rent A Cherry Tree

From July – August the cherries are ripe and ready for picking. Come along to our farm and pick your own, with 10 delicious varieties to mix and choose from.

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With years of experience in growing fruit, we pride ourselves on naturally growing quality produce. You can now join our waiting list to rent one of our cherry trees for 2021.

Join our family farm in Harrietsham and rent a cherry tree. Lean about growing cherries and keep up to date with news on the year’s crop, via post and email, through our newsletters.

You will be able to come and pick the fruit from your tree when they are ripe and ready.

We will also hold a Cherry Blossom event in April where you will be able to walk through the orchards and enjoy the sights and sweet smell of the blossom. We will hold a farmer’s market for you to pick up local produce, have a bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and hog roast for you to really enjoy your day.

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Rent A Cherry Tree